About Me

My name is Allen. I am an active LDS with an interest in science. I began my career as an electrical engineer and then became a computer software engineer. I am now retired, after working 44 years in industry and education. I have MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Information Systems.

You may contact me at websterfamily [at] bergstedt [dot] org
You can follow my tweets by going to http://www.twitter.com/ScienceMormon


If you're interested in climate change, my site for that is http://doesclimatechange.blogspot.com/

If you're interested in basic Mormon beliefs, my Mormon sites are http://mormonsite.wordpress.com and http://ldsgateway.wordpress.com My Mormon tweets are at http://twitter.com/AllenLDS 

If you're interested in running, my running sites are http://oldmanrunning.org and http://runninginjuryfree.org My running tweets are at http://twitter.com/noinjuries

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