We don't normally think of crime as a disaster, but the effects of crime are similar to those of local disasters, and, because crime rates seem to be increasing, I'm listing crime as a disaster. Scientists are studying the causes and frequency of crime. Here are links to some of their research.
Since the early 1970s school shootings at American elementary, secondary and higher education institutions have been a painful reality for American society. After each incident -- like the recent attack in Newtown, CT -- there is voluminous dialogue about what can be done to prevent the next, such tragedy. But can anything realistically be done to prevent these horrific crimes? A new article by Dr. Daniel J. Flannery at Case Western Reserve University, and colleagues, scheduled to appear in the January issue of Springer's Current Psychiatry Reports, attempts to parse out what we have learned from past events, and what we can do about stopping the next attack.

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