Scientific Research Into Science and Religion

Currently there are conflicts between science and religion. However, I believe that truth can not contradict itself, and that eventually truth in science must agree with truth in religion. In the meantime I am interested in discussing similarities or parallels between the scientific and religious viewpoints. Parallels do not prove that the viewpoints are correct. They only show that the viewpoints or paradigms have commonalities in certain aspects. In most cases, the commonalities are similar in a broad sense but not in their details.

ScienceDaily reported on a survey that indicates that "Only 15 Percent of Scientists at Major Research Universities See Religion and Science Always in Conflict".
They interviewed a scientifically selected sample of 275 participants, pulled from a survey of 2,198 tenured and tenure-track faculty in the natural and social sciences at 21 elite U.S. research universities. Only 15 percent of those surveyed view religion and science as always in conflict. Another 15 percent say the two are never in conflict, and 70 percent believe religion and science are only sometimes in conflict. Approximately half of the original survey population expressed some form of religious identity, whereas the other half did not.

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