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Note: This blog takes a lot of time to keep up with scientific developments. I have enough data to show several interesting parallels between science and Mormonism. I'm not going to update this blog with new scientific discoveries, unless, of course, something really spectacular happens. Persons interested in these parallels are invited to leave comments expressing their viewpoints. I will reply to the comments, as is appropriate. AWL 12/6/2013


The Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith, said truth is things as they have been, things as they are, or things as they will be. In other words, truth is reality. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly referred to as the LDS church or the Mormon church) believe religion has truth. Many of them also believe science has truth. Obviously, truth in religion can not contradict truth in science, and the two viewpoints of truth must, at some future time, converge. The purpose of this blog is to track new developments in science and in teachings of the LDS Church, allowing visitors to see if the two viewpoints do have parallel concepts, and if so to see if the parallels are converging.

Links to new scientific reports or to new information about the LDS religion are made via additions to existing posts, although occasionally new posts are created when appropriate posts for the new information do not exist. At the top of each page are navigational links to various categories. All of the posts in this blog are in those categories, and by clicking a category-link, you will get a page that links to the posts that pertain to that category. The Site Map page has links to all of the pages in the site.

Many of the posts to this blog have introductory information from Wikipedia. In most cases, links in the Wikipedia information have been removed to simplify reading of this blog. Links to the Wikipedia pages are given so you can reference the original pages and their links.

The posts in this blog that are open to speculation have been moved to a new blog, and this blog now mainly contains links to scientific articles that parallel Mormonism. This blog contains recent scientific articles posted to Science and Mormonism. For older articles, see Volume 9 of Science and Mormonism.

If you are interested in reading my understanding of the basic beliefs of Latter-day Saints, you are invited to visit my Mormon blog.

This blog does not represent The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Welcome to this blog. I hope you will find information here that will broaden your views of science and religion, and I invite you to share your views with other visitors to the blog.

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