Scientific Research that Pertains to Evolution

Evolution is more than a philosophical theory about the origin of mankind. Scientific research is confirming evolution as one of the laws of nature that combined to give the universe as we see it today. Latter-day Saints believe that God used the laws of nature in creating the universe from unorganized matter, and science says that evolution was instrumental in this creation.

This post gives examples of evidence that scientists believe point to evolution. To read my reasons for believing in evolution, see my blog on speculations in Mormonism.
Birds originated from a group of small, meat-eating theropod dinosaurs called maniraptorans sometime around 150 million years ago. Recent findings from around the world show that many maniraptorans were very bird-like, with feathers, hollow bones, small body sizes and high metabolic rates.
Gestures made by all three species included reaching, pointing with fingers or the head, and raising the arms to ask to be picked up. The researchers called "striking" the finding that the gestures of all three species were "predominantly communicative," Greenfield said.
The tiniest bones in the human body -- the bones of the middle ear -- could provide huge clues about our evolution and the development of modern-day humans, according to a study by a team of researchers that include a Texas A&M University anthropologist.
The new research published today evaluates the relationship of a 33,000 year old Siberian fossil to modern dogs and wolves based on DNA sequence. The researchers found that this fossil, named the 'Altai dog' after the mountains where it was recovered, is more closely related to modern dogs and prehistoric canids found on the American continents than it is to wolves.

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