An Ekpyrotic Universe

I realized yesterday that I've been doing posts about multiple universes but I've never posted the correlation of those universes with the religious view. So, here is the first part of my comments about the religious aspect of multiple universes.

In my earlier post about a parallel concerning the creation of the cosmos starting with energy, I described a concept from string theory that is called an Ekpyrotic Universe in which there are two universes that are close together. People in the two universes can't see each other, because the two universes are in different dimensions. After about a trillion years of coexistence, the two universes collide, resulting in an enormous explosion. That explosion, or big bang, ends the two universes and starts two new universes. Thus, if this concept is true, we have a neighboring universe that we can't see but that will eventually collide with our universe. Our universe began in a big bang, and it will end in another big bang when our universe collides with its neighbor universe.

Mormon theology teaches that God lives in Heaven. We can't see Heaven, but it is real, and I think of it as another state of existence or another universe. These comments about multiple universes extends to the existence of another universe, Heaven, but it does not include a collision of those universes, as depicted in an Ekpyrotic Universe.

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